Monday, 3 December 2012

Clarinda - Street Orienteering

My cold from the weekend has abated and it's time to go orienteering again. I think I just overdosed on aircon last week in the 40 degree heat. Which would I rather have, +40 degrees or -5 degrees? It's a tough one.

Anyway, a 30 minute trek south in the rush hour seems a good idea just to get out. As we approach the venue, "Road Closed" notices cause the satnav to hyperventilate, but we make it eventually. This evening's offering is a Score event, rather than a Scatter course, but I'm not sure why. I opt for the D course which gives me 40 minutes to score as many points as possible. Double digits is good.

Turning over my map on the signal, I spot 16, 17, 18 and 20 all within hailing distance, so determine to build a loop including those five-pointers. South east through the park, and across the bridge to 18 and then south to control 10. I'm learning to despise these controls at the end of cul-de-sacs. Back and round to 16. Legs feel heavy and uncoordinated, still full of germs I expect. I'm OK on the clock so down and round to 6 on the way to 17. Three valuable controls visited and still 15 minutes left. North I go to 20 in the park then cut across the grass to 13, all the while on the lookout for snakes. No worries, this grass is better than our lawn.

Time is starting to press, I need to head for home. I trot along to 9, blowing hard now and then on to 14, needing to sneak the occasional walk. I head across the park around the cricket oval. There are a lot of folks here playing some weird game with an oval ball. I see the finish clock and just manage to make the time with 40 seconds to spare. Nine controls visited will do me. Pat arrives a little while later, having walked a very similar course to mine but in the reverse direction.

I continue to lose weight with my antipodean eating style involving lots of salad and fresh fruit. Ten kilos (a stone and a half) have evaporated (I think that's the right word) and these street events have helped my running fitness. In January I reach the grand old age of 65, so maybe my orienteering will improve. If only I can find some.

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