Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Wednesday means Street-O time again. This time the event is just round the corner on Doncaster Road, but we opt for the car rather than walk (again). Google Earth tells us there are loads of parking places, although we know from previous experience that they will all be taken if we delay too long.

6.40pm proves to be a good arrival time for a 7pm start and we pay the paltry 4 dollars each, fill in control cards (come back Emit, all is forgiven) and scan the available blank maps for any helpful clues. My 'D' course only requires me to visit 8 controls so I can see that south of the Eastern Freeway is not an option for me. I can hear the traffic from here.

We turn over our maps on command, some going east and some go west. I go east. It is only when I struggle up the slope to my first control, number 8, that I realise the map has 10 metre contours, so we are clearly in for plenty of up-and-down. 5 comes next and then 11. Do I go for 3 now, or do 16 later on? I opt for the former.

My legs seem to be behaving themselves this evening. My newly purchased ankle strapping tape is doing the trick. I am reminded of a trip to hospital in a previous life with a severely sprained ankle. It's never been the same since. Tonight is good however. If I can get 4 or 5 controls done without pains, I'm happy to limp the rest.

3 comes up on cue, then down a big dip and up to 13. Lower legs are fine, I can push it a bit. 18 is down to the bottom of a steep hill then back the way I've come, heading for 4. Either there's a lot of up and down here, or I'm flagging a bit. 10 finishes the job off in about 33 minutes for 4.5 kilometres. Pleased with that, but delighted that I seem to have found some pharmaceutical assistance for my aging limbs.

Pat's new shoes have propelled her speedily around the walkers' score course and she is pleased with her route.

I have now run 4 times in the last 8 days, which for me is a colossal amount. I've also lost 8 kilos in weight. These two facts are surely connected. Let's hope I can keep it up.

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